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Custodial Membership



Custodial Membership account is a non-voting investment account for your minor legal dependents for their education, college or other longer-term expenses. Custodial Membership accounts can be opened for as little as US$1,000.00.

For minor membership , please provide Driver License, Government issued/certify photo ID or passport with custodial membership form.

The $100.00 membership fee does not apply to these accounts.

Custodial Membership accounts will earn halaal dividend just like regular accounts.

Custodial Membership Disclosure

  1. A "Custodial Membership" is a NON-VOTING, INVESTMENT-ONLY account for a minor legal-dependent of an adult AHC member.
  2. The "beneficiary" selected in "SECTION B" on the Custodial Membership Application form MUST be the minor legal-dependent for whom the Custodial Membership account is being opened. The Custodial Membership account is FOR-THE-BENEFIT-OF (fbo ) the AHC memberÕs minor legal-dependent and is referred to henceforth as "Beneficiary/Custodial Member".
  3. The parent or legal guardian signing the original AHC Membership Application for the Custodial Membership account has to be an AHC member in good standing. He/She will be the primary custodian responsible for operating the account, and he/she may deposit funds, transfer funds, withdraw funds, authorize address or other changes on the account and/or close the account.
  4. The initial membership fee of US$100.00 is being waived for opening a Custodial Membership account at this time.
  5. A MINIMUM deposit of US$1,000.00 is required to open a Custodial Membership account.
  6. A MINIMUM balance of US$1,000.00 must be maintained in the account at all times. If the balance falls below US$1,000.00 the account will be AUTOMATICALLY CONSIDERED CLOSED by AHC.
  7. MINIMUM amount for a single deposit is US$100.00 per Custodial Membership account. Single deposits for less than US$100.00 per Custodial Membership account will NOT be honored by AHC.
  8. A Custodial Membership account will not earn dividends until the balance in a Custodial Membership account at the beginning of the quarter is US$1000.00 or greater.
  9. After the 18th birthday of the Beneficiary/Custodial Member, the parent or legal guardian (who signed the original AHC Membership Application for the Custodial Membership) may withdraw the funds without the US$100.00 penalty. Or at that time, the Beneficiary/Custodial Member may choose to open an independent, fee-paying, adult membership with AHC.
  10. ONE minor legal-dependent per Custodial Membership account. A single Custodial Membership account CANNOT be combined for several minors. An AHC member may open separate Custodial Membership accounts for each of his/her minor legal-dependents.
  11. A Beneficiary/Custodial Member is ineligible to purchase a home with an AHC Investment while he/she is a minor.
  12. Parents or legal guardians may make monthly deposits (of at least US$100.00 or greater per Custodial Membership account) by mailing checks to AHC every month. Or, they may choose to give AHC twelve post-dated checks. One check would be deposited into the Custodial Membership account after the 5th business-day each month by AHC.


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