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Our Products

1- Investing (Interest-Free Investment)

  • Members’ investment is secured by A.H.C’s ownership of the title of the home until the home is completely acquired by the member-owner.
  • An investment of $2000 or more is eligible for quarterly dividends.
  • Rental income from homes and any appreciation of property value is distributed as dividends.
  • Members and homeowner share the gain or loss in the property value.
  • Members’ investments are utilized for the purchase & refinancing of homes.

2- Home Financing

The first step in order to buy/refinance your home, is to Request For Inclusion On the Active List (RFAL). Once your name has reached the TOP of the Active List and AHC has sufficient funds, AHC will send you the "Occupancy Process" package. In order to expedite AHC Investment in your home, please follow the procedures listed in the document: Things To Do For Purchasing/Refinancing A Home.

What are the Benefits to Home Buyers?


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