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INVESTING (Interest-free Investment)

  • Members’ investment is secured by A.H.C’s ownership of the title of the home until the home is completely acquired by the member-owner.
  • An investment of $2000 or more is eligible for quarterly dividends.
  • Rental income from homes and any appreciation of property value is distributed as dividends.
  • Members and homeowner share the gain or loss in the property value.
  • Members’ investments are utilized for the purchase & refinancing of homes.

AHC Key Performance as of Dec 2022 for GBM 2023

AHC Key Performance Dec 2022 GBM 2023

Ameen Housing Annual Dividends 2012 -2022 - for GBM 2023AHC Annual Dividends 2012 2022 GBM 2023

AHC - Data as of 2022 - 2023 GBM

AHC Data 2022 2023 GBM

How Ameen Housing Works

How Ameen Housing Works



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