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Whether you want to invest in Ameen Housing Co-operative (AHC), finance your home, or refinance your existing home, you have to first become a member of AHC.
You can become a member of through an investment of $2000.00 for twenty (20) shares of AHC, plus a one time $100.00 membership fee.

For an investment of $2000.00 or more, dividends will be paid on a quarterly basis.

Your investment in AHC is secured through AHC's ownership of the legal titles of homes financed by AHC.  The title of a home is held by AHC until the member homeowner acquires 100% equity in the home.

You are encouraged to purchase at least 10 shares at $100/share in every calendar year.

For membership requirements, please go to the Membership Requirements page.

You can withdraw funds from your account.  For AHC's withdrawal policy, click here.

Main Office

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